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The Lost Art of Retro Gaming Patents

In the modern gaming world of complex animations, advanced gaming engines and 3d modeling tech, it's no wonder we often crave the nostalgic feeling of sitting down with a pile of disk & sorting through them trying to find the next game to play, the sound of a PlayStation one starting up & the endless amounts of fun these little electronic devices gave us. This inspired me to create a range of gaming poster using these lost & forgotten patents from the original design of the consoles, it's also why I'm writing this article to share these technical modern pieces of art with you.

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Playstation one retro gaming console patent print, playstation one poster in the style chalkboardPlaystation one patent wall art available here.

Gaming, Nostalgia & Comfort

If you were growing up in the 1980s & 1990s your childhood will have been dominated by kids around you & yourselves playing with new video games such as Street Fighter, Pac Man, Super Mario and many thousands more, these games were simple yet were able to transport you into a challenging world where you could escape & enjoy the fantasy of playing a character. Back in the 80s developers were limited to the amount of storage space they could use, the average Super Nintendo cartridge had a capacity of only 4mb, with limited sounds & graphical effects, yet the games they produced pushed the technology to its limits creating iconic pieces of artwork in the gaming format.

Simply characters such as Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach and much more were everyday characters in our childhoods, therefore it's not surprising this nostalgia for retro games can have a large emotional impact when you are reintroduced to it! I'm sure the image above from Zelda effected a few people reading this! Another key aspect of this retro gaming topic is towards to devices themselves, while the games took us to other worlds the devices themselves allowed us to get there, often being part of our lives for many years. Personally, for me the PlayStation one was a giant part of my childhood, playing Spyro & Crash Bandicoot was a daily escape for me, therefore when I hear the sounds of a PlayStation one starting up I genuinely get tingles! Take a listen here.

The Lost Art of Patent Design

retro gaming patent prints, retro gaming posters comsoles such as super nintendo, nintendo entertainment system, atari and more!

When I discovered the retro gaming patent prints I was amazed at how these simple, minimalist patent drawings are able to bring back these nostalgic feelings towards retro games. I found these patents make the perfect addition to any geeky retro gamers room for when you need that extra kick of nostalgia!

My store patentwallart.com sell a range of the retro gaming patents used in this article in a range of sizes and unique styles from; Minimalist white, Technical blueprint, Vintage retro & Modern chalkboard.

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Let me know your fondest retro gaming memory from your childhood in the comments!

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