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Patent - Bayonet

Inventor -  Mirando Michael A

Published - December 27, 1955

Our Patent prints are made using restored high-resolution scans of 10000's of patents covering a range of technologies, sports, music, gaming & more. Our posters make the perfect personal addition to any home or office, they even make great custom gifts for friends & loved ones. Using 4 unique styles; vintage, chalkboard, blueprint & white our prints look amazing on any wall! Printed on high-quality 180gsm matt paper using archival quality inks our artwork looks amazing wherever they are displayed!

A bayonet is a bladed weapon similar to a knife or short sword, or spike-shaped weapon designed to fit in, on, over or underneath the muzzle of a rifle, musket or similar firearm, augmenting the firearm to allow use as a pike. Starting in the 17th century, it was a weapon of primary importance for infantry attacks, even up to World War II, but more a weapon of last resort since then. In this regard, it is an ancillary close-quarter combat weapon. When detached from the gun barrel, knife-like bayonets have long been utilized by soldiers in the field as a general-purpose survival knife. Some modern bayonets, such as the one used on the British SA80 assault rifle and the one used on the AK47, are designed to be wire cutters when combined with their scabbards.


Print Quality

    • Printed using Epson HDR Ink-Jet Technology

    • 180 gsm Matt Paper

    • Archival grade inks to ensure maximum quality

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